Stichting Pigasos
  Zorba de Greek: "Dance? Did you say... DANCE?!  Come on my boy, Together! Lets go!"


Pigasos is a non-profit foundation. A foundation is a legal form with which you pursue a social, idealistic or societal goal. The Pigasos Foundation has a board. The board consists of volunteers who do this completely selflessly. The board members are not personally responsible.

The dance group's possessions are the costumes. Some costumes are irreplaceable and of museum value. Income from course fees is for the payment of the dance teacher, the room rental and for the maintenance and storage of the costumes.

The flying horse Pigasos is in our logo. Pigasos is the symbol for poetry and creative art.

The objective of the foundation is to provide and organize dance lessons, dance seminars and other gatherings, so that Greek dance, music, culture and Greek customs remain alive. Just like the first Greek emigrants in Utrecht in the 1960s met with a lot of homesickness to dance, relaxation and being together and dancing at the Greek national festivals remain the main goal of the foundation.

Several studies have shown that circle dancing has a positive influence on our body; both mental and physical condition. Folk dancers score higher in areas such as adaptability, assertiveness, expressing, identifying and regulating emotions, empathy, motivation, happiness and stress management. Dance also brings a positive change on an emotional, social and motor level: dancing is interaction, you dance together!

  • We believe that dancing is our own body's response to music.
  • We believe that dancing is about the pleasure that people experience and radiate through dance.
  • We believe that dancing is about how much passion you put in the dance.
  • We believe that dancing is about quality, not quantity.
  • Dancing is expression; the language of our body and food for the soul.

Pigasos practices at Oli Masi, Amsterdamsestraatweg 701E, 3555 HE Utrecht. Non dancers are also welcome to watch us practice and have a drink in the restaurant.

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